Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nanotechnology; the introduction.

This branch of science deals with building extremely small machines out of perfectly precise configurations of atoms and molecules. So why would someone want to create machines at that scale?
When we organize matter at the molecular level, we see "size emergent properties in nanomaterials". These materials have vastly different properties than the same materials that are traditionally fabricated. In other words, scientists will have the ability to manipulate matter on a very minute scale, opening up a whole new world to the limits of traditional device physics.
We'll dive into molecular self-assembly, the ability to create new materials, atomic and molecular scales of different machines, nanotechnology and biology, and all the applications this exciting science offers us.


  1. You got yourself a new reader mate!

  2. I guess soon there will be nanotechs in our heads n shit. Naah just kidding... or maybe not?

  3. Yeah, nanotechnology can be pretty freaky at just how much it will be used in the future. Hopefully it don't get too crazy.

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  4. Looks to be promising. Waiting for more. Followed.

  5. Well, it certainly looks like we're heading into the future now!

  6. Have you seen the bench marks behind IBM's nanotube technology? It's crazy how advanced everything has become is such a small amount of time.

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